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Today, we have discussed about the situation in Afghanistan, China, and how the coronavirus pandemic has been affecting the broader South East Asia.

On Afghanistan, we had a brief discussion and we adopted conclusions on our support to the country.

The EU has mobilised €3 million in emergency assistance to countries in East Africa that have been hit by heavy rainfall over the past weeks, triggering devastating landslides and floods.

L’Union européenne et la BERD ont aidé le fabricant de cosmétiques à développer une image forte et à déployer son activité en ligne.

32 წლის გიორგი ავჭალელი თეთრიწყაროს მუნიციპალიტეტის სოფელ მარაბდიდანაა.

Giorgi Avchaleli, 32, is from the village of Marabda of the Tetritskaro Municipality. Over the years, he and his father have successfully run a local agriculture machineries store. While selling such kind of goods, Giorgi noticed that there was a great demand for agriculture machineries services, too, however, there was not a local provider with high-quality and modern equipment in the municipality.