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In order to enable the European Union fully to assume its responsibilities for crisis management, the European Council (Nice, December 2000) decided to establish permanent political and military structures.

Biomass heating solutions for rural public buildings, biomass market development, increase of capacity building, education and promotion of renewable energy sources in Moldova

The idea of a common defence policy for Europe dates back to 1948 when the UK, France, and the Benelux signed the Treaty of Brussels.

Project will provide sufficient and safe drinking water, create an institution capable to sustainably operate, manage and maintain the water supply infrastructure as well as establishing balanced local water governance.

The overall objective of the project is to improve air transport safety and security by assisting civil aviation authorities of the Republic of Moldova in adoption and implementation of the legal and regulatory framework forthe aviation sector according to the terms agreed in the EU–Moldova Common Aviation Area Agreement.

The project aims at supporing the coordination mechanisms of the reform of the Justice Sector in Moldova.

The Project purpose is to keep support to the rehabilitation of the road network in Moldova and in particular support to the interconnexion of Moldova to Romania.

30 European companies arrive in Singapore this Sunday (July 10) kick-starting the five-year long EU Business Avenues in South East Asia programme.

The first business mission leverages on Singapore’s push and focus on Environment and Water Technologies by bringing European companies specialising in these sectors and technologies. The 30 companies will present cutting-edge European solutions related to water and the environment. They will be in the dedicated EU Business Avenues Pavilion which is part of the Singapore Water Week.