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Les récentes réformes de l'immigration au Canada, le contact entre personnes, ainsi que la question de la réciprocité des visas pour les citoyens bulgares et roumains font partie des sujets discutés lors de la réunion entre les Chefs de Mission des Etats membres de l'UE et l'Honnorable Chris Alexander, Ministre canadien de la Citoyenneté et l'Immigration dans les bureaux de la Délégation de l'UE à Ottawa.


The European Union and Georgia held the ninth round of their annual Human Rights Dialogue in Brussels on 20 April 2016.
The European Union and Georgia welcomed the continued progress on Human Rights in Georgia, also acknowledged by the positive recommendation on Visa Liberalisation by the European Commission in December 2015. Both sides agreed on the importance of a free and pluralistic media environment, and political pluralism as a prerequisite for the conduct of democratic elections.


The signing of the Paris Agreement on climate change in New York on Friday is a historic event — and an important step towards implementing the world's first global climate deal....


Federica Mogherini today met the President of Mozambique, Filipe Nyusi, during his official visit to the EU, continuing the dialogue initiated in Maputo during the HRVP's visit to Mozambique in February, on the main areas of EU-Mozambique relations.

Сьогодні Європейська Комісія пропонує Раді Європейського Союзу та Європейському Парламенту скасувати візові вимоги для громадян України за допомого перенесення України до списку держав, громадяни яких мають змогу подорожувати до Шенгенської зони без віз.


Today, the HR/VP Federica Mogherini met the President of Mozambique, Mr Filipe Nyusi, during his official visit in the EU.

The meeting continued the dialogue initiated in Maputo, during the HR/VP's visit in Mozambique in February, on the main areas of EU-Mozambique relations. The European Union and Mozambique have long-standing and broad partnership and there is commitment on both sides to deepen these further.


The death of Mr Patricio Aylwin Azócar, former President of Chile, is a big loss.

President Aylwin is the historical figure of Chile's peaceful transition to democracy and led the transition process as the first democratically elected President after the dictatorship.