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Die EU-Delegation — ihre Aufgaben und ihr Team.


The EU is active in a wide range of topics, from human rights to transport and trade. A list of topics which summarise what the EU does in a specific area, useful links to relevant bodies, laws and documents.

La délégation — sa mission et son personnel.


Bienvenue sur la page jeunesse de la Délégation de l'UE en Suisse. Tu y trouveras des liens vers des sites web pour en apprendre davantage sur l'UE et prendre part à l'aventure européenne.


Herzlich Willkommen auf der Jugendseite der EU-Delegation! Hier findest Du hilfreiche Webangebote, um mehr über die EU zu erfahren und Dich einzubringen.


La delegazione - la sua missione e il suo personale.


The EU offers jobs to citizens in different ways, it also offers public contracts and provides funding in the form of grants to support projects and organisations.

Since the creation of the so-called Schengen Zone travel between EU countries has become much easier.
Quality, diversity, and opportunity are among the many benefits of European higher education institutions.

Find out more about what the European Union is, its history and its countries. Facts and figures about living in the EU.