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Consultations nationales sur la migration dans le contexte des dégradations environnementales et des impacts du changement climatique

Intervention de Mme Delphine Delieux,

Chargé d'affaires ai de l'Union européenne

22-24 août 2016

Excellence, Monsieur le Ministre du Cadre de vie,

On 17 August, EUAM Ukraine handed over six interview rooms to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) – tailor-made facilities that will allow NABU to interview witnesses or suspects in the course of criminal proceedings.

The EU and the Government of Finland have joined forces to provide €14 million to help East Jerusalem Hospitals maintain critical medical services to Palestinians. The contribution, which is channelled through the European Union's PEGASE mechanism, will help to cover part of outstanding costs of referrals of patients for treatment to East Jerusalem Hospitals by the Palestinian Ministry of Health.