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Foreign Missions in New Delhi Celebrate the Commitment of their Country to Full Equality for all Human Beings Regardless of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity .


L'Union européenne est prête à travailler aux côtés des pays du G5 Sahel, pour prendre en main une série de défis communs, selon Federica Mogherini, la Haute Répresentante.

Federica Mogherini a accueilli aujourd’hui à Bruxelles les ministres des Affaires Étrangères du Tchad, du Mali, du Burkina Faso, de la Mauritanie et du Niger un an après leur première réunion dans le même format.

En respuesta a los daños ocasionados por las inundaciones provocadas por el desbordamiento del río Paraguay en diciembre pasado, la Unión Europea (EU) aumentará su ayuda humanitaria en 1 millón de euros (más de 6 mil millones de guaraníes1 ) para atender las necesidades más urgentes de los afectados.

Hundreds of thousands of persons worldwide are or have been subject to torture - in prisons, police stations, detention centres or elsewhere, in public or in secret. Torture is a crime that can never be justified, whether as a means to fight terrorism or protect national security, or for any other reason. Yet, torture continues to happen, despite the strong international legal and political framework which exists to prevent it. Preventing acts of torture is crucial, but equally important is the rehabilitation of victims. It is on this premise that on 16 June 2016 the EU Delegation to the UN in Geneva, South Africa and Denmark, supported by the UN Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture, organized a high-level panel discussion at the Palais des Nations in Geneva which made a clear case for redress and rehabilitation of victims of torture.

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