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Following an invitation by the Government of Peru and the National Board of Elections (JNE), the European Union deployed a team of 3 electoral experts to monitor the 2021 presidential, congressional and Andean Parliament elections.

The Mission made a comprehensive assessment of the different phases and components of the electoral process until their completion in accordance with existing international, regional and national standards, as well as good practices, and provided recommendations for the improvement of future elections.

COVID-19 was a disaster for this bed & breakfast manager, as international clients disappeared. With her and her staff now vaccinated, she is looking forward to welcoming new tourists

RST is a group of Ukrainian professionals (non-civil servants) funded on a temporary basis by the donors that provides targeted technical support and assists the Ministry in design and implementation of priority reforms.

L’Union européenne suit avec la plus grande attention l’évolution de la situation en Tunisie. L’ancrage démocratique du pays, le respect de l’Etat de droit, de la Constitution et du cadre législatif doivent être préservés tout en restant à l’écoute des volontés et aspirations du peuple tunisien. Par conséquent, nous appelons au rétablissement de la stabilité institutionnelle dans les meilleurs délais, et en particulier à la reprise de l’activité parlementaire, au respect des droits fondamentaux et à l’abstention de toute forme de violence.