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La Delegación de la Unión Europea en Perú cumple 25 años de presencia en el país y con ocasión de celebrar su aniversario y el 9 de mayo, Día de Europa, se realizará una serie de actividades culturales que buscan destacar la integración entre las comunidades europeas y peruanas.

Washington, May 4, 2016

Joint Statement U.S.-EU Energy Council


The reports of many casualties following an attack on a refugee camp in northern Syria today, shows that the most vulnerable people continue be the first victims of the conflict.

Refugee camps should be a place where those most in need can find sanctuary from conflict, not targets of violence.

Attacks on refugee camps are unacceptable and constitute a grave violation of international humanitarian law.


Les informations faisant état de nombreuses victimes suite à l'attaque menée aujourd'hui contre un camp de réfugiés dans le nord de la Syrie démontrent que les premières victimes du conflit restent les personnes les plus vulnérables.

Les camps de réfugiés devraient être un lieu où peuvent trouver refuge les personnes qui en ont le plus besoin, et non la cible de violences.


* أثار الصراع في سوري ا أكبر أزمة إنسانية في العالم منذ ا ندلاع الحرب العالمية الثانية . ويتواصل تزايد الاحتياجات الإنسانية , وترتفع مستويات تشريد السكان , ويتم تعريض جيل كامل من الأطفال لأ هوال الحرب والعنف، مع ارتفاع مستوى ح رم انه م من الخدمات الأساسية، و حقه م في التعليم و الحماية


The European Union is a leading donor to the international response to the crisis. More than €5 billion have been mobilised for relief and recovery assistance to Syrians in the country and to refugees and their host communities in neighbouring Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt.


Alessandro Mariani, Ambassador of the European Union




Speaking points

Seminar on the Role of European Development Banks

in Zambia's Development


5 May 2016

Intercontinental Hotel



Honourable Minister of Finance

Under the Horizon 2020 current work programme 2016/2017 eight topics are published under different societal challenges or Horizon 2020 pillars encouraging the participation of international–most importantly Chinese–institutions and researchers in the proposals.