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При поддержке Программы содействия управлению границами в Центральной Азии (БОМКА), финансируемой Евросоюзом, в Ашхабаде начала свою работу консультативная миссия по упрощению процедур торговли

In its efforts to promote equality and empowerment of young women and men, the European Union (EU) in Zimbabwe has launched a fresh call for proposals to strengthen the role of civil society Organisations (CSOs) in promoting equality and empowerment of young women and men.

UNICEF and the European Union (EU) renewed their partnership to support the Ministry of Education and Sciences as well as other national stakeholders, to strengthen disaster risk reduction (DRR) in education. The uniqueness of this initiative stems from the fact that it engages children and adolescent boys and girls as active participants in DRR management. The partnership has already demonstrated success through various school-based DRR initiatives. It entails engaging children in project-based learning activities and simulation exercises. The initiative is facilitated by the partner-NGO Cesvi.