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Le projet d'appui aux dynamiques de développement rural intégré dans la région du Nord (DRIN), seul projet de ce type dans la coopération Maroc Union européenne, s'inscrit dans la continuité de l'engagement de l'UE en faveur du développement socio-économique de la région du Nord (UE active depuis 20 ans en soutien au développement local et à la diversification des activités économiques).

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) – European Union (EU) Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) is contributing money and benefits to Swaziland into two critical ways that are all connected to developing the country’s trade atmosphere.

As part of efforts to strengthen European cultural relations with Kenya, here's a list of cultural activities and events for the month of April

On April 4, the presentation of the EU funded Project “Returning PATH: Promoting Access To basic Human rights for vulnerable women and men” was held in the Social Support Centre established within the Project. The opening speech was delivered by Mr Alessandro Liamine, Projects Manager of the EU Delegation to Uzbekistan.


4 апреля состоялась презентация проекта "Дорога домой к полноценной жизни", финансируемого ЕС. Презентация прошла в Центре cоциальной поддержки, открытого в рамках проекта. Со вступительной речью выступил Координатор проектов Делегации ЕС в Узбекистане г-н Алессандро Лиамине.


Journalists are invited to apply for the 2018 European Union-QANTAS Journalist Award.

Now in its 26th year the award is open to an Australian journalist with more than three years working experience in print or electronic media. They will need to satisfy the selection panel that he or she would benefit from a working visit to the European Union institutions and up to three Member States. While the subject of the working visit proposal is open to the journalist's particular interests, it must be based on current European themes relevant to an Australian audience.

An European Union-funded project implemented by the Council of Europe presented today its findings and recommendations for further reform in Montenegro's media sector. As part of the JUFREX project, a group of independent experts was deployed to Montenegro in late 2017 to carry out a detailed analysis of the sector.