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Since the creation of the so-called Schengen Zone travel between EU countries has become much easier.
Quality, diversity, and opportunity are among the many benefits of European higher education institutions.


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The EU’s relationship with the region; information on its history and the EU policies and programmes.


The EU’s external policies, strategies, instruments and missions to support stability, promote human rights and democracy, seek to spread prosperity and support the enforcement of the rule of law and good governance.


The EU is active in a wide range of topics, from human rights to transport and trade. A list of topics which summarise what the EU does in a specific area, useful links to relevant bodies, laws and documents.


معلومات عنا - البنية و التنظيم

التنظيم الداخلي

قلّصت بعثة الاتحاد الأوروبي لدى سورية نشاطاتها في البلد المُضيف. يعمل موظفو البعثة من بركسل و بيروت و عمّان، و يقومون بزيارات منتظمة إلى دمشق.


جيل برتران                  قائم بالأعمال بالنيابة

جان فرانسوا أسبيرو      رئيس القسم السياسي

ماركس لباين                رئيس قسم التعاون

يمكن توجيه الرسائل إلى البعثة على العنوان التالي:

Our objective is to bring an end to the conflict and enable the Syrian people to live in peace in their own country.

Apart from direct humanitarian assistance, EU-funded projects in Syria also cover thematic sectors such as education, livelihoods, civil society and human rights, media, governance, health and agriculture.

Je suis heureux de vous accueillir aujourd'hui, au lendemain de la Journée de l'Europe, pour célébrer avec vous les 66 années de construction européenne depuis la célèbre déclaration de Robert Schuman pour la paix et l'unité.

A cette occasion, je souhaite, sans être trop long, partager avec vous certaines réflexions, sur l'évolution de l'Europe tout d'abord, mais aussi sur ses relations avec l'Afrique et avec le Burundi.

The representativ es of the EU and the UNDP together with LGD (Local Government Division) Secretary visited Rangpur Division on 5 May to kick-off the second phase activities of the Village Courts project. During the visit, the delegation also observed a Village Courts (VC) session and exchanged views with the local communities to find out how the access to justice in the rural communities can be further improved.