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The EU Delegation will organise a series of nine online webinars in different policy areas ranging from green recovery to trade to public health, bringing together EU and Japanese experts to discuss the impact, policy response and EU-Japan cooperation regarding COVID-19.


科学技術振興機構(JST)は、EUの科学・イノベーション資金助成枠組み計画「ホライズン2020」の下、「高度バイオ燃料と代替再生可能燃料における国際共同研究イノベーション」分野の共同研究提案募集(LC-SC3-RES-25-2020)に協力する日本の法人に、資金を提供する方針を確認しました。 応募締め切りは2020年9月1日です。


The Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) confirmed its willingness to fund Japanese legal entities that will cooperate in proposals submitted to the LC-SC3-RES-25-2020 call under Horizon 2020: "International cooperation with Japan for Research and Innovation on advanced biofuels and alternative renewable fuels" with the deadline on 1 September 2020. 

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Projeto financiado pela União Europeia,  lança edital de consultoria  de curto prazo para para avaliar a questão de gênero na regularização fundiária 

Disinformation and misinformation proliferated around the world including in the Western Balkans as the COVID-19 pandemic started. Western Balkans’ fact-checking organisations intensified their work on exposing and countering disinformation, raising the awareness and contributing to local public debates about the problem. As of 30 July, leading fact-checking organisations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia continue their valuable work also within the third-party fact-checking program, which is a part of the Facebook’s strategy against disinformation.