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Comme pays post-conflit fragile, la RDC présente des besoins énormes de reconstruction. L’infrastructure est très touchée par le manque de maintenance et les conflits. Sur le plan sectoriel, les problèmes concernent l'ensemble des piliers du système de santé: les soins sont souvent inaccessibles à la population et la pérennisation des acquis pas garantie, vu le fossé entre la faible qualité de l'encadrement du niveau intermédiaire et l'évolution positive de la situation au niveau opérationnel. Ce projet renforcer les acquis précedents, en améliorant l'accessibilité aux soins et l'encadrement.

The Supreme Court in the Maldives has confirmed the death sentence against Mr Hussain Humaam. If the sentence is carried out, it would be the first execution in the Maldives since 1953.


დღეს სრულად ძალაში შევიდა ევროკავშირსა და საქართველოს შორის გაფორმებული ასოცირების შესახებ შეთანხმება. ასოცირების შესახებ შეთანხმება მიზნად ისახავს ევროკავშირსა და საქართველოს შორის პოლიტიკური და ეკონომიკური ურთიერთობის გაღრმავებას.

At its meeting in Munich on 12 February 2016, the Middle East Quartet reiterated its concern that current trends are imperiling the viability of the two-state solution. Underlining its commitment to supporting a comprehensive, just, and lasting resolution to the Palestinian–Israeli conflict, the Quartet agreed to prepare a report on the situation on the ground.

In July 2016, Plan International Timor-Leste, with the support of the EU, hosted a debating competition for young people in the mountainous town of Aileu after training sessions conducted by local NGO Forum Tau Matan.

In times of multiple crises, we tend to focus on the most recent one. But particularly in times like these, we cannot lose sight of the conflict in Israel and Palestine. We need to shake life back into the peace process, and do it as a matter of urgency. Violence is on the rise every single day, with victims of both sides. We risk a new escalation, and the very chance of peace is slipping away. We cannot afford it.