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As a guest of honour, Minister Al Kaabi talked about the history of the UAE, underlining that investment in human capital and promotion of education and the business sector have always been a cornerstone in the development of the country.

The works for closing the illegal waste dump of Ćafe near Bar, financed with EU support, were officially launched today. Once the rehabilitation of this site is completed, what is today an illegal landfill situated at the very seaside will become a viewpoint lay-by on the road that connects the coastal region of Montenegro.

Radovi na rehabilitaciji nesanitarne deponije Ćafe kod Bara, koje finansijski podržava EU, danas su zvanično otvoreni. Nakon završetka radova, ovo nesanitarno odlagalište, smješteno uz samu obalu mora, biće pretvoreno u vidikovac.


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