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The project supports women of the Euro-Mediterranean region in their quest for empowerment and gender equality. It is done via specific actions including the dissemination of gender related information and organizations involved in women and gender equality.

The overall goal of the project is to strengthen existing, andpromote new, cooperation and financial opportunities among Euro-Mediterranean Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) dedicated to water and environment, thereby maximising their contribution to sustainable development in the region.

The UfM Secretariat will complement the EU-UNIDO programme (€5.6 million) “Support the Development of Culture and Creative Industries and Clusters in the Southern Mediterranean” with a project aiming to eg. establish a regional platform for dialogue and Foster entrepreneurial cooperation within the Southern Mediterranean region.

Erasmus+ programme

Contributes to inclusive growth by reinforcing the media and
culture sectors as vectors of development

Promotes the shift of Southern Mediterranean economiestowards sustainable consumption and production patterns and a green economy

The Cultural Heritage and Urban Development (CHUD) Programme constitutes the main intervention of
preservation and enhancement of the urban heritage of the cities of Tripoli, Byblos, Baalbek, Saida and Tyr.
The contribution of AFD to the project – targeting Tyr and Tripoli – aims both at restoring the economic
attractiveness of the historic centres, valorise their tourism and commercial assets, and improving social
cohesion and the living conditions of the inhabitants. Consequently, it is based on three components:
1. Rehabilitation of old centres and improvement of urban public infrastructure,
2. Preservation of historic sites and streamlining their operations,
3. Assistance and training actions for local authorities in the management and leadership of old centres.

Le programme « Patrimoine culturel et développement urbain » (« Cultural Heritage and Urban Development »
- CHUD) constitue la principale intervention publique de préservation et de valorisation du patrimoine urbain des villes de Tripoli, Byblos, Baalbek, Saida et Tyr. La contribution de l’AFD au projet – ciblée sur Tyr et Tripoli – vise à la fois à restaurer l’attractivité économique des centres historiques, en valorisant leurs atouts touristiques et commerciaux, et à améliorer la cohésion sociale et les conditions de vie des habitants. Pour ce faire, il s’articule autour de trois composantes: la réhabilitation des centres anciens et l’amélioration des infrastructures publiques urbaines, la préservation des sites historiques et la rationalisation de leur exploitation, et des actions d’assistance et de formation auprès des autorités locales en matière de gestion et d’animation des centres anciens.

يعتبر برنامج «التراث الثقافي والتنمية الحضرية» المبادرة الحكومية الأساسية للمحافظة على التراث العمراني وتثمينه
في طرابلس، وجبيل، وبعلبك، وصيدا، وصور. وتهدف مساهمة الوكالة الفرنسية للتنمية في المشروع – المتمحورة
حول صور وطرابلس - إلى استعادة الجاذبية الاقتصادية للمراكز التاريخية وتقييم قوتها السياحية والتجارية، وتحسين
اللحمة الاجتماعية والظروف المعيشية للسكان. لذلك، يقوم البرنامج على ثلاثة عناصر:
إعادة تأهيل المراكز القديمة وتحسين البنية التحتية العامة في المناطق الحضرية؛
الحفاظ على المواقع التاريخية وتبسيط عملياتها؛
وأعمال المساعدة والتدريب للسلطات المحلية حول إدارة المراكز القديمة وإحيائها


This project aims to alleviate the medium and longer-term needs of host communities in areas in Lebanon with
high Syrian refugee concentrations. The overall objective of this project focuses on recovering local economies
in Lebanese communities particularly affected by the influx of refugees, specifically in the agricultural sector
(by far the most important sector to provide livelihood and job opportunities in these hosting areas). The
specific objective of this project is to improve the productivity of small-scale sustainable agriculture.