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لاسن مدينة صيدا. بناء على دعوة من النائب بهية الحريري، زارت اليوم رئيسة بعثة الاتحاد الأوروبي في لبنان السفيرة كريستينا


First of all let me say that is really an honour and a big pleasure to welcome you here Adel [bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia], just one month and a half after my last visit to Jeddah where I had the chance of meeting not only with you on our bilateral issues but also with the GCC secretariat. I would also like to thank the GCC secretariat for the work done in preparation of this Ministerial meeting. And that is really with gratitude that I welcome you here. I am really delighted that you came to Brussels after so many years to co-chair our Ministerial meeting this year. It has been an important meeting.

The 21st edition of the European Diplomatic Programme (EDP) ‘Together for Europe’s Recovery’ will start during the German Presidency in September 2020 and conclude during the Portuguese Presidency in June 2021.


Thông tin về Chương trình Ngoại giao châu Âu


International Labour Conference - 105th session (30th May – 10th June 2016) - Committee on Decent work for peace, security and disaster resilience - Opening Statement

The terrorist attack on a MINUSMA convoy in the Mopti region left five MINUSMA peacekeepers dead, just days after a similar attack killed five Malian soldiers in the vicinity of Menaka. This targeted violence against the forces tasked with restoring security in Mali and facilitating the implementation of the Peace Agreement is unacceptable. The perpetrators of these acts must be brought to justice.


The EU-funded Trade and Private Sector Development (TPSD) programme, in cooperation with Ministry of Commerce as Implementing Agency and the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DFTQC) a key counterpart conducts an extensive capacity building project on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) in the dairy sector.