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Participants are invited to watch and listen to the recorded interactive Information Session for the Jobs & Growth Agro-Tech Development Call for Proposals held on Wednesday 5th May 2021 at 10:00am GMT. For more information, kindly watch the video below.

The European Union Delegation to PNG has recently published a Call under its CSO-LA Programme to support civil society organisations’ development work in the field. The global objective for this Call is to enable civil society organisations to engage as actors of governance and development at country level.

The Delegation of European Union to Albania is organising an information session for interested parties and potential applicants about the call for proposals Support to the National Resource Centre for the Civil Society, Support to Social Entrepreneurship and the re-use of Confiscated Assets in Albania, publication reference: EuropeAid/17160

The EU is reaffirming its solidarity with vulnerable people in countries in the Sahel and Central Africa
through a humanitarian budget of €210 million in 2021. The funding will be allocated to
humanitarian projects in the following eight countries: Burkina Faso (€24.3 million), Cameroon
(€17.5 million), the Central African Republic (€21.5 million), Chad (€35.5 million) Mali (€31.9
million), Mauritania (€10 million), Niger (€32.3 million) and Nigeria (€37 million).