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Libreville, le 18 septembre 2020 - L’Ambassadrice de l’Union européenne au Gabon (UE), pour Sao Tomé-et-Principe et la CEEAC, S.E. Mme Rosario Bento Pais, a reçu en audience le Président de la Commission de la CEEAC, S.E.M. Gilberto Da Piedade Verissimo, qui a récemment pris ses fonctions.

2020 yil 18 sentyabr, Toshkent. Yevropa Harakatlanish Haftasi doirasida Toshkentda tashqi muhitga zararsiz holda harakatlanishga erishish va yo'l harakati xavfsizligiga bag'ishlangan virtual davra suhbati tashkil etildi. Qiyinchiliklar va ularning yechimlari COVID-19 pandemiyasi bilan bog'liq cheklovlar munosabati bilan onlayn tarzda muhokama qilindi.

18 сентября 2020 г., Ташкент. В рамках Европейской недели мобильности организован виртуальный Круглый стол, посвященный перспективам достижения нулевого уровня выбросов и безопасности дорожного движения в Ташкенте. Вызовы и их решения обсуждались в онлайн-режиме в связи с ограничениями, связанными с пандемией COVID-19.


September 18, 2020, Tashkent. Within the framework of the European Mobility Week, a virtual Round table was organized on the prospects for achieving zero emissions and road safety in Tashkent. The challenges and their solutions were discussed online in connection with the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

18/09/2020 - Several outlets - On 12 September I had the pleasure to discuss with my ASEAN counterparts how we can strengthen cooperation between the EU and ASEAN. In a world hit by the pandemic and characterised by power politics, we have a lot in common. Our joint work should ensure that we defend the rules-based international system and ensure every human being can enjoy the security and rights we sometimes take for granted.

For 30 years, the development of the Kyrgyz Republic has been aimed at achieving economic growth, mainly through the intensive use of natural resources. The depletion of natural capital due to active exploitation has been exacerbated by poor management that prevents ecosystems from recovering. In recent years, it has become apparent that further movement towards economic growth, without due consideration for environmental and social factors, poses a threat to both current and future generations.