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L’Union européenne lance ce jour à Bangui la distribution de 100 000 masques destinés à 50 000 bénéficiaire (2 masques par personne) dans le cadre du plan national de riposte à la Covid-19. L’UE a financé globalement la fabrication de 180 000 masques artisanaux réalisés par des couturiers centrafricains.

As we mark World Youth Skills Day, we acknowledge that rising youth unemployment on a global scale is one of the most significant problems we face today.

The two sides will work together to promote international standards and European best practices in the areas of civilian security sector reform, rule of law and democratic governance.

In the last few years, EU-India cooperation on foreign policy and security issues has become a prime example of our enhanced ties. However, more can and should be done together. The world is rapidly changing and new challenges present new opportunities for joining our collective efforts.

During the last decade, the EU- adding to its standing as the world's largest economy- has become a more robust global actor on foreign policy and security issues. India, as the world's fifth largest economy, is playing an increasingly prominent role on the international stage.

Zonja dhe zotërinj,

Mirë se erdhët në Vlorë për këtë konferencë virtuale për shtyp.


Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to Vlora for this virtual press conference.


The Language assistant to the Resident Twinning Adviser (RTA Language assistant) is sought for an EU Twinning Project “Further support to agriculture, rural development and food safety in the Republic of Moldova”.