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Chronology of bilateral relations and agreements between the EU and Ukraine

The general objective of the programme to enhance the capacity of the Government of Lebanon and the
Lebanese Social Partners and Civil Society to be promoters of social dialogue in order to strengthen social
protection and improve and enforce labour legislation.

The EU has been at the forefront of international efforts since the very beginning of the Ebola epidemic, the largest and most complex of its kind ever experienced, contributing €1.2 billion and other resources towards fighting the disease.


The European Union (EU) is the biggest donor of development aid in the world and also the biggest grant
donor in Cambodia.

Contribuer à élargir dans la sous région ouest africaine, les opportunités en matière d'’emploi et d'’activités génératrices de revenus pour les pauvres en vue d'’y atténuer l’'extrême pauvreté et la faim, et de participer à la consolidation de la cohésion sociale et à l'’insertion socio-économique des jeunes vulnérables dans les zones frontalières en faveur du renforcement de la résilience de ces jeunes et de la prévention efficace des crises.

Dès le début de la plus grande et la plus complexe épidémie Ebola jamais, l'Union européenne a été à l'avant-garde de l'action international. 1,2 milliard d’€ et autres ressources ont été apportés par l’UE


The overall objective of the project is to decrease post-conflict tension and the risks of conflict reoccurrence through socio-economic inclusion of local youth in peace & confidence building, decision-making and income-generating activities in two districts (Ishkashim & Murghab) of Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast, Tajikistan.

Towards Eliminating Discrimination Against the Girl Child

The incidence of gender based violence in the Dominican Republic is amongst the worst in Latin America and the Caribbean. The EU is committed to improve citizen security in the Dominican Republic working with the police, the judicial system and civil society. Profamilia, an NGO supported by the EU, organises trainings in human rights, gender awareness and practical techniques of dealing with women who are victims of violence to a targeted groups and professionals.