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Benvenuto sulla pagina dedicata ai giovani. Qui potrai trovare i link a tutta una serie di offerte web che ti permetteranno di saperne di più sull’UE e, se lo desideri, di «viverla» in prima persona!


Die EU-Delegation — ihre Aufgaben und ihr Team.


La délégation — sa mission et son personnel.


Bienvenue sur la page jeunesse de la Délégation de l'UE en Suisse. Tu y trouveras des liens vers des sites web pour en apprendre davantage sur l'UE et prendre part à l'aventure européenne.


Herzlich Willkommen auf der Jugendseite der EU-Delegation! Hier findest Du hilfreiche Webangebote, um mehr über die EU zu erfahren und Dich einzubringen.


Relations between the European Union and the Kingdom of Eswatini are cordial, but the EU is critical of the democratisation process within the country. During the regular political dialogues and direct engagements with the King, the EU has called for democratisation and for the implementation of the Constitution, which provides for freedom of association, assembly and expression.

The EU’s cooperation strategy with Eswatini under the 11th European Development Fund (2014-20) is outlined in the National Indicative Programme 2014-20 for Eswatini. The indicative allocation for the country is €62 million and focuses on the following areas: (1) Agriculture (€40 million); (2) Social protection (€15 million); and (3) Support measures (€7 million).

Useful information on travelling from Eswatini to the EU, such as visas, travel restrictions and consulates, and for studying there.