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Лоиҳаи “Низоми иттилоотии идоракунӣ дар соҳаи тандурустӣ дар Тоҷикистон – Марҳилаи IV”, ки бо Иттиҳоди Аврупо маблағгузорӣ карда мешавад, бо мақсади баҳодиҳӣ ба дастовардҳои лоиҳа 10 апрели соли 2018 дар меҳмонхонаи Азия Гранд, кӯчаи Турсунзода 21/A, Душанбе ҷаласаи Кумитаи Роҳбарикунандаро мегузаронад.

A four-day "Training Course for Team Leaders at Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Incident Sites" was held on 9-12 April 2018 at the Lambak Kanan Fire and Rescue Station, Brunei Darussalam. A total of 25 participants joined the training, namely from the Royal Brunei Police Forces, the Royal Brunei Armed Forces, the Fire and Rescue Department and the Ministry of Health.

Déclaration relative à la récente attaque sur Douma, en Syrie


Statement by the Spokesperson on the latest attack in Douma, Syria


L'association Quartiers du monde, la Ligue Démocratique pour les Droits des Femmes LDDF INJAD démarrent leur processus de formation destiné au renforcement des compétences techniques et thématiques des associations de la société civile des régions cibles et participant au réseau « Femmes Solidaires » à Mohammedia du 9 au 13 avril et à Larache du 16 au 20 avril.

Afghanistan’s President Ghani approves National Export Strategy to increase trade, boost job creation, reduce poverty and promote stability.

Belarusians with career-related interest in the European Union are invited to apply for the 2019 European Union Visitors Programme (EUVP).