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The GH2 TEI will support the decarbonisation of the Chilean economy, creating green jobs and generating business opportunities for Chilean and European companies, whilst meeting Europe’s own demand for import of green hydrogen.

La Unión Europea junto con sus Estados Miembros están desarrollando una Iniciativa Equipo Europa (Team Europe Initiative - TEI) para el desarrollo de hidrógeno verde en Chile. Su objetivo es impulsar las oportunidades de inversión en este campo, apoyando la creación de un entorno favorable, brindando financiamiento, promoviendo la colaboración en Innovación y Desarrollo y fomentando la cooperación empresarial.

In the major humanitarian crisis Afghanistan is facing, the EU has launched projects worth €268.3 million, stepping up vital support to the Afghan population. The EU support focusses on maintaining education, sustaining livelihoods, and protecting public health, including for refugees, migrants and internally displaced people. It is channelled through United Nations agencies working in Afghanistan (UNICEF, WFP, UNDP, UNHCR, WHO, IOM) and benefits the Afghan population directly. Two projects support human rights defenders and Civil Society Organisations.