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En application de l’article 8 de l’Accord de Cotonou, qui encadre la coopération entre l’Union Européenne et les Etats d’Afrique, des Caraïbes et du Pacifique (ACP), s’est tenu dans la salle de conférence du Ministère des Affaires étrangères et de la Coopération internationale, le vendredi 30 mars 2018, le dialogue politique entre le Gouvernement de la République du Mali et l’Union européenne.

Marking the anniversary of the 1950 Schuman Declaration, EU Delegations around the work celebrate in May peace and unity in Europe, with a rich variety of activities and events.

In Brussels, across the EU member states and around the world, Europe Day on 9 May is the occasion to celebrate peace and unity in Europe. The date marks the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration of 1950, when the French foreign minister Robert Schuman proposed a joint authority to oversee French and German production of coal and steel.

A new quality label identifies safer and more efficient cook stoves

အရည္အေသြးမီ အမွတ္တံဆိပ္သစ္တစ္ခုမွ ပိုမိုလံုၿခံဳၿပီး ျမန္ဆန္အက်ိဳးမ်ားမႈရွိသည့္မီးဖိုမ်ား သတ္မွတ္ေဖာ္ထုတ္ေပး


The Headquarters building of the European External Action Service will be open to the public on Saturday 5 May. From 10am to 6pm, EU diplomats as well as staff from the EU's civilian and military missions and operations around the world will showcase their work and the impact of the EU as a global actor.

Green entrepreneurs will present their projects to a panel of potential investors on World Environment Day.