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Supporting peace and development through the sustainable use of natural resources

The objective of the project is to contribute for the sustainable development, strenghtening citizens participation in public life in order to increase the effectiveness of rural support and poverty reduction programs in Angola.

Contribuir para o desenvolvimento sustentável com o fortalecimento da participação dos(as) cidadãos(ãs) na vida pública, visando maior eficácia dos programas nacionais de apoio rural e redução da pobreza em Angola.


The project's goal is to establish and effectively manage a network of protected areas to conserve representative samples of Angola's globally unique biodiversity.

The overall objective of the Local Development Project is to contribute to poverty reduction through more effective decentralised service delivery and by increasing business and income-generating opportunities.

The SADC Project Preparation and Development Facility (PPDF) is a mechanism to fund regional development.

La Unión Europea preside durante 2018 el Proceso Kimberley, que es una coalición creada en 2002 por 81 países, sociedad civil y la industria del diamante, con el fin de detener el rol del comercio de los diamantes en financiar algunas guerras civiles en África.

Developments in Europe's neighbourhood and beyond are a constant reminder that our security is not for free. Supporting its Member States, the EU is a key player when it comes to protecting Europe and its citizens. This is why on 13 June High Representative Mogherini proposed a new, major funding mechanism, the European Peace Facility (EPF), to underpin joint action in the area of security and defence.