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Today, the European Union has moved to further strengthen its cooperation with the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), setting up a framework between the European Commission, the European External Action Service, and the OSCE's Secretariat, autonomous institutions and field operations.

Beneficiary/Contractor: MORASHTENU ASSOCIATION

Duration: 19/4/2018 – 18/6/2021

Overall budget: €  627,943.00

EU contribution: €  498,461.00 


Duration: 05/03/2018 – 21/10/2021

Overall budget: € 626,620.00

EU contribution: € 499,792.00

Following the devastating floods that struck southern Tajikistan in May, the European Commission has allocated €60,000 (approximately TJS 630,000) in humanitarian funding to bring emergency assistance to communities affected by the disaster.

После разрушительных наводнений, которые произошли в мае на юге Таджикистана, Европейская Комиссия выделила 60 000 евро (около 630,000 сомони) в виде гуманитарного финансирования для оказания чрезвычайной помощи общинам, пострадавшим от стихийного бедствия.


Баъд аз обхезиҳое, ки моҳи майи соли ҷорӣ дар ҷануби Тоҷикистон ба вуқӯъ пайвастанд, Комиссияи Аврупо 60 000 евроро (тақрибан 630,000 сомонӣ) ҳамчун ёрии молиявии башардӯстона барои расонидани кӯмаки фаврӣ ба ҷамоатҳое аз офати табиӣ зарар диданд, маблағ ҷудо кардааст.

On 20 June, Ethiopia held its consultative Talanoa climate dialogue with government, civil society and private sector stakeholders. The Eurooean Union ambassadors pledged to continue supporting Ethiopian Green Economy strategy. Childldren from Tibab school environment club joined in the meeting and presented poetry and drama on environment