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 Scholars have devoted considerable effort to understanding the European Union’s (EU) role in international politics. It has been argued that the EU’s global role can be understood as ‘civilian’ (Duchene 1973), ‘responsible’ (Mayer 2008),  ‘ethical’ (Aggestam 2008), or ‘small’ (Toje 2011). This essay will focus on the notion of the EU as a ‘normative’ power, first popularised by Ian Manners (2002). Manners argued that the EU’s ability to influence the behaviour of others by exporting its values, rendered it a distinct kind of actor in world politics.

CESAA has been running its annual essay for the past 22 years and this year strong entries were awarded by our Political Counsellor Dr Bruno Scholl in Melbourne last month. CESAA has announced that the winners of the 22nd annual essay competition in the undergraduate category were William James Hargreaves from the University of Melbourne for his essay entitled 'The current Ukraine crisis has clearly illustrated the fact that the EU is not, and never will be, a hard power.

The European Union Delegation in Canberra will be lit up in orange for the next two nights to mark the beginning of '16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.'

The international campaign is organised each year as part of the UN Secretary General's global 'UNiTE campaign', and aims to raise public awareness and mobilise individuals and organisations worldwide to end violence against women and girls.

Libreville, le 24 novembre 2016- Une délégation du Fonds Monétaire International (FMI) est en mission à Libreville jusqu'au 7 décembre 2016, dans le cadre du programme d’appui à la gouvernance sectorielle (PAGOS) financé par l'Union européenne.

Delegación de la Unión Europea presenta un programa de cooperación policial europeo

A dramatic drought has affected seven out of ten main cities in Bolivia. In the capital of La Paz, people from 94 neighbourhoods are experiencing water shortages. No short-term solution is foreseen.