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Establishing a strong and independent National Bank has been a fundamental achievement for Ukraine, and remains crucial to the country’s future success. Over the past years, the National Bank of Ukraine has taken bold and much needed steps to ensure Ukraine’s macro-financial stability and facilitate a sustainable economic recovery.

Онлайн-конференция “Медиа 2020: перемены” пройдет 07 июля 2020 с 14:30 до 21:00 (время московское) на платформе Zoom.

Эксперты обсудят какими будут медиа через год, два, десять лет, и что происходит с ними сегодня? Что навсегда изменится в мире после инфодемии? Как будут развиваться телеграм-каналы, подкасты, small media? Кто выйдет победителем в схватке между дипфейками и критическим мышлением? Как развитие VR-технологий повлияет на журналистику? Кто, как и зачем занимается распространением медиаграмотности в России, Украине, Беларуси и Казахстане?


Madam President,

The EU would like to express its strong and full support to the work and the activities of Ms. Gamba,  who continues to be fully committed to allowing children to enjoy their childhood and to hope for a better future, even in time of war, since they represent the lifeblood of every society. We commend her work with regional and sub-regional organizations and the technical assistance provided to States, including the campaign "Act to protect children affected by armed conflict".

კოვიდ-19-ის მიერ გამოწვეული კრიზისის მიუხედავად, ადაპტური სამოსის მწარმოებელმა მულტიბრენდულმა კომპანიამ „კომბინიზონა“ შეძლო სამუშაო ადგილების შენარჩუნება და დასაქმებული შეზღუდული შესაძლებლობების მქონე (შშმ) პირთა რაოდენობასაც გაზრდის.


Adaptive multi-brand clothing company Kombinizona retains its employees and recruits more persons with disabilities despite COVID-19 crisis.

Madam President,

The EU thanks the Special Representative on Violence against Children for her report and presentation to the Council.

We express strong support for her plea to put children and their rights at the heart of the 2030 Agenda and welcome her efforts to amplify the voices of children in this context.