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The European Union and six countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) signed today an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), the first of its kind between the EU and an African region pursuing the objective of economic integration. 

The EU Delegation to the UN Office and other international organisations in Geneva offers internships to young university graduates with no, or only limited, relevant professional experience, as well as to students in the final years of university where the traineeship is a complement to their academic training.

The European Union and Tajikistan held the eighth round of their annual Human Rights Dialogue in Dushanbe today. The EU delegation was led by Toivo Klaar, Head of the Central Asia Division of the European External Action Service, while the Tajikistan delegation was headed by Sharaf Karimzoda, Deputy Head of Department for Human Rights in the executive apparatus of the President of Tajikistan.

The meeting allowed for an open and frank exchange of views on the human rights situation in Tajikistan.


Имрӯз дар Душанбе миёни Иттиҳоди Аврупо ва Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон даври 8-уми Муколамаи ҳарсола оид ба ҳуқуқи инсон баргузор гардид. Ҳайати Иттиҳоди Аврупоро ҷаноби Тойво Клаар, Мудири Шӯъбаи Осиёи Марказӣ дар Хадамоти корҳои хориҷии Аврупо, сарварӣ кард, ҳайати Тоҷикистонро бошад, ҷаноби Шараф Каримзода, Муовини Сардори Раёсати кафолатҳои ҳуқуқи инсони Дастгоҳи иҷроияи Президенти Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон, раисӣ намуд.

Мулоқот ба мубодилаи кушоду равшани афкор атрофи вазъияти ҳуқуқи инсон дар Тоҷикистон имкониятро фароҳам сохт. 


Aujourd’hui, nous avons à nouveau été témoins d'agissements visant à faire obstruction aux travaux de l'assemblée. De tels actes sont préjudiciables à la vie institutionnelle et aux citoyens du Kosovo. Nous appelons toutes les parties à renoncer à toute forme de violence et à renouer le dialogue sur la base des principes de gouvernement et d’opposition démocratiques qui caractérisent une institution démocratique. Toutes les parties doivent s’abstenir de déclarations incendiaires qui ne font qu’accentuer la fracture et rendre le dialogue plus difficile.