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Support to the emergency/critical care services and maternal and child health in the Duhok Governorate

Duhok Health Care facilities are currently faced with an increased caseload of almost 60%, which makes the support of the European Commission vital in addressing the pressing needs of Internally Displaced Persons, the host communities and the refugees in the Duhok governorate.

The EU stands by the Egyptian people and government in their fight against Daesh, an important part of the broader fight against Daesh in the region. To the families of the soldiers, we send our condolences.


يقف الاتحاد الأوروبي الى جانب الشعب المصري والحكومة المصرية في معركتهم ضد داعش، والذي يُشكل جزءا هاما من الحرب الأوسع ضد داعش في المنطقة.


The European Union welcomes the agreement today in Kigali, Rwanda, on a global phase-down of climate-warming hydrofluorocarbon gases (HFCs). These manmade substances which are used mainly in refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, have a global warming effect up to 15,000 times greater than carbon dioxide and are the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Today's agreement represents a significant step forward in implementing the Paris Agreement on climate change, which will legally enter into force next month. 

High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini speaks with Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn

Ambassador Lassen meets with the head of the Change and Reform Bloc MP General Michel Aoun.

التقت السفيرة لاسن رئيس تكتل التغيير والإصلاح النائب العماد ميشال عون.