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Welcoming Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Gerhard SABATIL on the occasion of the opening of the EU – Korea Business Forum

"The EU-Korea FTA after five years: What has been achieved and what is next?"

Seoul, 22nd September 2016
Four Seasons Hotel

EU Ambassador to Australia H.E Sem Fabrizi spoke with the SBS French news team on the Sustainable Development Goals and progress being made a year after their adoption / Son Excellence Sem Fabrizi, Ambassadeur de l'Union Europeene en Australie nous parle des objectifs fixes a New York, il y a un an, en terme de developpement durable, et du role de l"Australie ainsi que de l'union Europeene.

On 20 and 21 September negotiators from the EU and Indonesia met in Brussels for the first round of talks on the Free Trade Agreement officially launched on 18 July 2016. The discussions covered a wide range of the issues at stake.

Le but du programme Tradecom II est de renforcer la capacité des pays ACP de formuler et de mettre en œuvre des politiques commerciales appropriées ; aider les pays ACP à mettre en œuvre à leur profit les APE, ainsi que des accords commerciaux régionaux et internationaux ; et de renforcer la compétitivité du secteur privé ACP en accordant un appui pour la facilitation et la promotion du commerce.


A Delegação da União Europeia em Cabo Verde realiza em parceria com o Serviço de Ordenador Nacional do Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento (SON-FED) do Ministério dos Negócios Estrageiros.

The purpose of the Tradecom II programme is to enhance the capacity of ACP countries to formulate and implement suitable trade policies; assist ACP countries to implement EPAs, regional and international trade agreements to their benefit; and strengthen ACP Private sector competitiveness by supporting trade facilitation and trade promotion.


The benefits of having a strong female police force in Afghanistan cannot be overstated. Female police officers have a key role in dealing with female victims, suspects and perpetrators. In a gender-separated society like Afghanistan, female officers have access to information which is not accessible to males and can therefore contribute to the prevention of crimes. EUPOL Afghanistan held three events this August to promote gender representation in the Afghan National Police (ANP), including a Code of Conduct information session for 45 female Afghan police officers, a five-day peacebuilding workshop for 30 female Afghan police officers, and this year's Educational Conference organised by the General Training Command of the Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI) with the support of EUPOL.