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On 10 October we celebrate World Day Against the Death Penalty. On this important occasion, we recall that the death penalty is a violation of human rights as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and call for an end to state-sanctioned capital punishment.

Every year on 10 October the European Union joins many partners across the globe to mark the World Day against the Death Penalty. The European Union remains among the strongest advocates for world-wide abolition of the death penalty. We have long since done away with this cruel and unusual form of punishment on our own territory.

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From 10-12/10/2016, the EU Delegation in Mexico is organising, under the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument (TAIEX), an expert mission on Information and communications technology user rights.


The universal abolition of the death penalty is one of the core objectives of the European Union in the field of Human Rights. Despite long-term improvements regarding the abolitionist cause – there are now 141 formally or nominally abolitionist states – the balance of the year 2015 is somewhat bleak. Old moratoria were challenged, debates on the reinstatement of the death penalty in several countries resurfaced, and the number of executions recorded in the last year - 1634 executions - has been the highest since the 1990’s.

The EU-Caribbean Sustainable Energy Conference opened today (10 October) in Barbados with the hope of providing the Caribbean with solutions to transition to clean, affordable and efficient modern energy services

On the occasion to mark the European and World Day Against the Death Penalty, the EU Head of Delegation to Uganda H.E Ambassador Kristian Schmidt visited “death row” in mates of the maximum security prison of Luziira/Kampala on 6th October. He also delivered a keynote address appealing for abolition at a commemorative event organised by the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative held on 10th October at the Human Rights House in Kampala. The theme of the commemoration was "Execution is a terrorist's tool. Stop the cycle of violence".

Aujourd'hui, à l'occasion de la Journée européenne et mondiale contre la peine de mort, le Conseil de l'Europe et l'Union européenne réaffirment leur opposition ferme et absolue à la peine capitale dans tous les cas et en toutes circonstances. La peine de mort est incompatible avec la dignité humaine. Elle constitue un traitement inhumain et dégradant, n'a pas démontré qu'elle avait un effet dissuasif significatif et confère un caractère irréversible et fatal aux erreurs judiciaires.

Del 10-12 octubre 2016, la Delegación de la UE en México está organizando bajo el instrumento de asistencia técnica e Intercambio de Información (TAIEX), una misión de expertos sobre información y derechos de los usuarios de tecnología de comunicaciones.


Cet accord axé sur le développement conclu avec cinq pays d'Afrique australe garantit dès à présent aux exportations de ces pays un accès au marché de l'Union européenne en franchise de droits et sans contingents.