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Let me thank President Rivlin and share with him the fact that the regional situation and the security situation that Israel is facing is indeed a new one. Threats are increasing, some of these threats are the same that Europe is facing. But this new situation is posing also some new opportunities that were not there before, decades ago.

Niamey, 23 juin 2016. À la suite, d’une formation sur la fraude documentaire et le trafic des migrants au profit des effectifs de la Cellule Aéroportuaire Anti-Trafic (CAAT) mi-juin, les experts d’EUCAP Sahel Niger ont eu l’opportunité d’observer le contrôle des passagers d’un vol en provenance d’Addis Abeba à l’aéroport de Niamey.

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Let me tell you how glad I am, first of all about what we just signed, but also about your visit here today. I think it is the first official bilateral visit we have as such, but we met several times, and especially we worked so much together with you personally, with your Prime Minister, with your President, with all the Government, in what I define as an excellent partnership and friendship.

La Delegación de la Unión Europea en Uruguay anuncia el lanzamiento de dos Convocatorias a presentación de propuestas del Programa Temático para Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil y del Instrumento Europeo para la Democracia y los Derechos Humanos.