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To improve the effectiveness of EU assistance to Armenia by coordinating the programming and implementation phases of EU assistance to Armenia; strengthening the quality of National Coordination Unit analysis and input regarding EU assistance and to promote actions aimed at raising the visibility of EU assistance to Armenia.

The overall objective is to assist in the implementation of a number of selected key areas of the European Neighbourhood Policy Action Plan such as trade, Public Finance Management, fight against corruption, public administration reforms, service delivery.

This project aims at integrating Syrian Armenian refugees in an economic sustainable manner and providing child education by promoting human rights based integration practices among CSOs and governmental agencies, increasing public awareness on the situation of Syrian Armenian refugees; improving employability and economic activities and supporting integration in local school of Syrian Armenian refugee children.

Dasaran’s mission is to increase the quality of education through the introduction of information technologies in Armenia.

To create better awareness and provide accessible information on the European Union, its institutions, and EU-Armenia cooperation to Armenian university and secondary school students by expanding the curricula of universities and secondary schools

Promote social innovation in the technical vocational education sector in order to create equal employment opportunities as a basic human right for Young People with Disabilities (YPWD) and generate shared growth.

Continue to provide support to SDP of Government of Armenia through increasing the quality of VET sector in order to make it more relevant to the needs of the labour market and of the individuals.