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In the framework of their regular exchanges on counter-terrorism, Turkey and the European Union held the Turkey-EU Counter-Terrorism (CT) Dialogue in Brussels on 8 June 2016. Terrorism poses a direct threat to our countries and our citizens. The EU and Turkey recognised the importance of the need to work together closely as key partners and strategic allies to counter these threats to our security and peace.


A workshop on compatibility of customs legislation applied in Tajikistan with the provisions of the revised Kyoto Convention started on 8 June in Dushanbe, gathering national experts from the Customs Service under the Government of Tajikistan dealing with customs control arrangement, customs clearance and tariff regulation, legal issues and risk management. The workshop is conducted within the framework of Border Management in Central Asia Programme (BOMCA), funded by the European Union.

L’Union européenne (UE) renforce les capacités des universités de Lomé et de Kara à préparer et gérer des projets de recherche et innovation financés par le programme européen Horizon 2020.

Le 8 juin 2016, l'Union européenne et la Moldavie ont tenu à Bruxelles le septième cycle de leur dialogue sur les droits de l'homme.


Рӯзи 8 июн дар ш.Душанбе семинари миллӣ оид ба муқоиса намудани қонунгузории амалкунандаи гумрукии Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон бо бандҳои Конвенсияи Киотои аз таҷдиди назар гузашта ба кор шурӯъ намудааст, ки дар рафти он мутахассисони миллии Хадамоти гумруки назди Ҳукумати Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон дар самтҳои назорати гумрукӣ, барасмиятдарории гумрукӣ, батанзимдарории тарифӣ, таъмини ҳуқуқӣ ва идораи ҳавфҳо ширкат меварзанд. Семинар дар чорчӯбаи барномаи Иттиҳоди Аврупо “Мусоидат ба идораи сарҳадот дар Осиёи Марказӣ” (БОМКА) ташкил гардидааст.

On 8 June 2016, the European Union and the Republic of Moldova held the seventh round of their Human Rights Dialogue in Brussels.


L'annonce, par le Conseil Electoral Provisoire (CEP) de Haïti,  du nouveau calendrier pour les élections législatives et présidentielles  implique l'annulation du premier tour des élections présidentielles d'octobre 2015.


The announcement by Haiti's Provisional Electoral Council of the new timetable for the legislative and presidential elections sets aside the results of the first round of presidential elections in October 2015.