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Thank you for the invitation that we value very much. We are here to share with you the urgent need to face the tragedies unfolding in the Mediterranean.

The Saudi authorities have proposed to implement a five-day humanitarian truce in Yemen, starting at 20.00 GMT on Tuesday 12 May. In reaction, HRVP Mogherini and Commissioner Stylianides issued the following statement:

"This is an important opportunity to tackle the dramatic humanitarian situation in Yemen, especially now that the country is running out of essential supplies and basic public services are at a breaking point.


Les autorités saoudiennes ont proposé une trêve humanitaire de cinq jours au Yémen, à compter du mardi 12 mai à 20 heures GMT. La HR/VP Mme Mogherini et le commissaire Stylianides ont fait à ce propos la déclaration suivante:

"Cette trêve est une occasion importante de remédier à la situation humanitaire dramatique au Yémen, alors que le pays manque de produits de première nécessité et que les services publics de base sont au bord de la rupture.


The armed conflict in South Sudan has intensified in recent days, exacerbated by a new military offensive in Unity State. Concerned by the humanitarian consequences of the fighting and the difficulties faced by relief organisations on the ground, HRVP Mogherini and Commissioner Stylianides made the following statement:

On the occasion of Europe Day 2015 the EU Delegation to the Council of Europe organised a flash mob in the centre of Strasbourg, based on an idea by Ambassador Jari Vilén.


On 9 May 1950 Robert Schuman called on the nations of Europe to unite and make war on our continent impossible. 65 years later, his message of peace and unity is as relevant as ever.


"Suriname's recent ratification of a new penal code, which includes abolition of the death penalty, is an important step forward that sends a welcome signal to other countries in the region and beyond.

The European Union has a strong and principled policy on the abolition of the death penalty as it cannot be justified under any circumstances. This stance is rooted in the belief in the inherent dignity of all human beings and the inviolability of the human person. 

High Representative Federica Mogherini discusses European foreign policy and its challenges with Tony Barber of the Financial Times at The State of the Union conference in Florence.