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WHO - 69th World Health Assembly (23-28 May 2016) - EU Intervention: Health in the 2030 Agenda

WHO - 69th World Health Assembly (23-28 May 2016) - Agenda item 13.4: Multisectoral action for a life course approach to healthy ageing: draft global strategy and plan of action on ageing and health

The European Union is Australia's largest trading partner for the 15th year in a row. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released this week figures that showed the EU in 2015 represented 21 percent or $A29.9 billion of Australia's total services trade. The EU's Ambassador to Australia, Sem Fabrizi, said this was a nine percent increase compared to 2014 figures. "The ABS figures have underlined the ever-deepening economic relationship between Australia and the EU," Ambassador Fabrizi said.

In response to the ongoing El Niño-induced drought which has hit Timor-Leste over the last few months, the European Union is providing about US$110,000 in humanitarian funding to assist the most affected populations.

"The engagement by representatives of both Government and opposition in Arusha opens the way to a credible dialogue amongst all Burundian stakeholders.  President Mkapa's personal engagement as facilitator and his commitment to protect the principles of the Arusha Agreements were critical to achieve this.