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Munich, 12 February 2016


Today, the HR/VP Federica Mogherini met with the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, in the margins of the Munich Security Conference 2016. They discussed recent developments on a range of issues following up their last meeting in Amsterdam one week ago. They also worked on the coordination between the EU and NATO on NATO's recent response to the joint request by Germany, Greece and Turkey to contribute to fighting illegal trafficking within the Aegean Sea.


The EU Electoral Follow-up Mission (EFM) was deployed to assess electoral reform
processes in Kenya and the extent to which previous EU election-related concerns and
recommendations have been addressed.

Lors de sa réunion des 11 et 12 février 2016, qui s’est tenue à Munich, le Groupe international d’appui à la Syrie (le «Groupe»), composé de l’Allemagne, de l’Arabie Saoudite, de la Chine, de l’Égypte, des Émirats arabes unis, des États-Unis, de la France, de l’Iran, de l’Iraq, de l’Italie, de la Jordanie, du Liban, de la Ligue arabe, des Nations unies, d’Oman, de l’Organisation de la coopération islamique, du Qatar, du Royaume-Uni, de la Russie, de la Turquie et de l’UE, a décidé que l’accès humanitaire aux zones assiégées commencerait cette semaine et qu’un grou


Meeting in Munich on February 11 & 12, 2016, as the International Syria Support Group (ISSG), the Arab League, China, Egypt, the EU, France, Germany, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United Nations, and the United States decided that humanitarian access will commence this week to besieged areas, and an ISSG task force will within one week elaborate modalities for a nationwide cessation of hostilities.


"¿Cómo enfrentar el cambio climático en el Perú?: Temas Urgentes Para el Próximo Gobierno". Bajo este título se realizó el 10 de Febrero, una ronda de diálogo en temas de energía limpia, gestión de bosques, y seguridad alimentaria con líderes de los principales partidos políticos y miembros de los equipos de los candidatos presidenciales. Los asistentes coincidieron en la prioridad que debe tener el tema de cambio climático en las políticas de desarrollo del Peru.

Check against delivery!
Good morning.
Just to comment briefly the meeting we had last night - very long meeting. Today I can comment on the fact that it is extremely positive the fact that after six long hours of meeting we have reached an agreement with all the members of the International [Syria] Support Group to first work on concrete terms on humanitarian access and delivery. 

Statement by Ambassador Peter Versteeg, Head of the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Sierra Leone on the occasion of the signature of the works contract for the Bandajuma – Liberia Border Road and Bridges project