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Significant changes will be needed in the Member States’ energy-generating mix if the European Union is to meet its 2050 goal to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80-95 % compared to 1990 levels, according to a new European Environment Agency (EEA) report published today. While the European Union has made considerable progress in improving energy efficiency and using renewable energy sources, a well-planned transition out of carbon-intensive power generation is needed to meet the long-term aim of creating a low-carbon society.

The European Union and its Member States accredited to Myanmar express deep concern about reports of intensifying military action and armed clashes in several States, also involving signatories to the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA).

La directora para América Latina de la Dirección de Cooperacion y Desarrollo de la UE firmó 4 acuerdos de cooperación con Argentina, Chile y Uruguay que permitirá la cooperación entre los países de la región para el desarrollo sostenible.

The project aims to foster local development in Armenia by maximizing the positive social and economic impact of migration.