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The  Delegation  of  the  European  Union  in  the  Republic  of  North Macedonia  is  seeking  to conclude  contracts  for  provision  of  independent  technical  expertise  as  observers  in the evaluation of tenders for IT supplies, according to the rules for ‘Procurement and Grants for European Union external actions’.

More information available below:

The Delegation of the European Union in the Republic of North Macedonia is seeking to conclude contracts for provision of independent technical expertise as assessors (non-voting member) in the evaluation of project proposals in a number of Calls for Proposals, according to the rules for ‘Procurement and Grants for European Union external actions’.

Upon recruitment, the successful candidate will occupy a specific job function as Project Officer – this job function may be changed in accordance with the needs of the Delegation. Specifically, the successful candidate will be part of the Economics and Governance section.

This is a full time employment. The post is allocated in salary group 1 which has a minimum gross salary of 6,229,814 TZS per month.

The deadline for applications is: 10 August 2020

როცა პანდემია გვიტევს და სოციალური დისტანცირება უსაფრთხოების შენარჩუნების ძირითადი გამოსავალია, ვირტუალური სერვისების იდეა კიდევ უფრო ღირებული ხდება.  COVID-19-ის კარანტინის პირობებში, ხელოვნური ინტელექტის მქონე საჯარო მოხელე ქართულ ბიზნესსა და რუსთავის 125,000-ზე მეტ მაცხოვრებელს მხსნელად ევლინება და უწყვეტად, ონლაინ რეჟიმში აგრძელებს მათ ინფორმირებას მუნიციპალური სერვისების, ახალი რეგულაციებისა და იმ ნაბიჯების შესახებ, რაც მათ კორონავირუსის გამოწვევებთან გამკლავებაში დაეხმარება.


When a pandemic hits and social distancing is a key means to stay safe, the idea of remote services becomes even more valuable. In the wake of the COVID-19 quarantine, an AI-based public assistant comes as savior for Georgian businesses and the more than 125,000 residents of Rustavi by keeping them informed about city services, new regulations, and steps to take to cope with coronavirus challenges without leaving their homes.

Digital is an advantage


Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union (EU) have strong relations and share a common history, universal values and political interests. Yet there is more than that underpinning our relationship.

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I am looking forward to seeing the Ministers [of Foreign Affairs of the European Union] in person after a long [period of] videoconference meetings and it is going to be important to be all together here in person because we have important issues to discuss.

The 15th edition of the India-EU Summit takes place on July 15 in the backdrop of the disengagement of troops along the Line of Actual Control with China. Ahead of the summit, Josep Borrell told ET that the EU was not naïve about China and will stand firm on values as it strengthens ties with.

The European Union has granted another EUR 6.5 million (USD 7.33 million) to step up the COVID-19 response in Zimbabwe. The funds are a top-up for the EU’s existing support to the multi-donor Health Development Fund (HDF).