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Заявление Верховного Представителя ЕС от имени Европейского Союза о визите Президента аль-Башира в Россию


Addis Ababa, 19th July 2018.- This morning in the city of Shire, Tigray, Alianza Shire members and ZOA presented the project that will be developed over the next three years to improve access to electricity in four refugee camps in this region, as well as for their host populations. The Spanish Ambassador to Ethiopia, Borja Montesino Martínez del Cerro, and Johan Borgstam, the European Union Ambassador in Ethiopia - co-funder of this new project through the Trust Fund for the Horn of Africa - also attended the presentation.

(Bakı, 19 iyul, 2018) Avropa İttifaqı tərəfindən maliyyələşən “Ümumi Tranzit Konvensiyası (ÜTK), Mallarla Ticarətdə Sənədləşmənin Sadələşdirilməsi Konvensiyası (VİS) və Yeni Kompüterləşdirilmiş Tranzit Sisteminə (YKTS) qoşulmağa hazırlıq prosesində Dövlət Gömrük Komitəsinə dəstəyin göstərilməsi” adlı layihə çərçivəsində bağlanış tədbiri Bakı şəhərində Dövlət Gömrük Komitəsinin baş qərargahında baş tutmuşdur.

(Baku, July 19, 2018) Closing event of the project titled "Support the State Customs Committee in preparation for accession to the Common Transit Convention (CTC) and Convention on Simplification of Formalities in Trade of Goods (SAD) as well as joining a New Computerized Transit System (NCTS)" funded by the European Union (EU), was held at SCC (State Customs Committee) in Baku.

Après des années d’affrontements violents, qui ont fait de nombreuses victimes innocentes et contraint beaucoup de personnes à fuir leur foyer, l’espoir renaît en Somalie: la réconciliation entre Somaliens, la stabilité et la sécurité, la croissance économique, la prospérité sans corruption et une représentation équitable font partie des objectifs auxquels la population peut aspirer. La communauté internationale n’a cessé de soutenir la Somalie. Une conférence de haut niveau, le forum de partenariat sur la Somalie, s’est tenue à Bruxelles les 16 et 17 juillet 2018.


After years of violent conflict, which resulted in the loss of numerous innocent lives and the displacement of many people, there is hope for Somalia: reconciliation among Somalis, stability and security, economic growth and prosperity without corruption, and equitable representation, are amongst the goals for Somali citizens. The international community has continuously supported Somalia and this was highlighted during a two-day high-level conference, the Somalia Partnership Forum, which took place on 16 and 17 July 2018 in Brussels.


The exhibition represents artworks of Serbian as well as foreign artists from different epochs, painted in different techniques and collected with the intention of making the viewer think about the phenomena and values, on which the European civilization was built.