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L'annonce a été faite le 8 juin dernier par l'Ambassadeur-Chef de Délégation de l'Union européenne, lors de la cérémonie officielle de lancement du "Réseau interrégional pour le Golfe de Guinée - Gulf of Guinea Inter-Regional Network (GOGIN)". A cette occasion, l'Ambassadeur Françoise COLLET a réaffirmé l’importance que l'UE attache aux initiatives et projets visant à combattre la criminalité maritime dans le Golfe de Guinée.

Las relaciones entre la UE y Ecuador se han intensificado en los últimos años, de acuerdo con los numerosos cambios políticos e institucionales que han tenido lugar en el país.


Relations between the EU and Ecuador have strengthened in recent years, in accordance with the numerous political and institutional changes that have taken place in the country.


This clean energy conference is about climate change and mitigation. But it is also about the economic opportunities and fiscal benefits that investments in clean energy may bring. The recent withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement has strengthened the European Union's resolve to combat the adverse effects of climate change that have already become visible. We are committed and ready to lead this battle for the benefit of future generations. And we are ready to work with our partners in this shared endeavour.

106th session of the International Labour Conference
Geneva, 5 - 15 June 2017
EU Statement - Committee on Application of standards: Ecuador (Convention N° 87)

This inauguration is a solid step in the face of the challenges that the whole country has been facing for some time now when it comes to solid waste management.