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Dans le cadre de la coopération avec le Gabon, l’Union européenne a signé en 2011 la Convention de financement du Programme prioritaire d’Assainissement des bassins de Libreville en faveur de l’aménagement du bassin versant de Nzeng Ayong.

Săptămâna Europeană a Energiei Durabile (EUSEW) se desfăşoară în Republica Moldova în perioada 13-19 iunie 2016

Honourable and Dearest Children, Waheshimiwa na Wapendwa Watoto Representative from the Ministry of Information, Sports, Artists & Culture, Government Representatives present today,

Representatives of International Organizations

Representatives of Civil Society Organizations, Members of the Press

Dear Colleagues Ladies and Gentlemen,

HAMJAMBO WATOTO WAZURI? [How are you children?]

Check against delivery!

Good morning, very briefly, you know that today we have, as usual, a very busy agenda. We will start with two issues that geographically are far away from each other: the Arctic and the Sahel. This is also a clear example of the fact that the united European Union has an impact on regions that are close to us, both in the North and in the South.

Today is World Refugee Day. This year has illustrated the plight of refugees even more clearly than before, with thousands of people arriving in Europe, requiring a coordinated and concerted response from the European Union.