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Deputy Head of Delegation Stefano Gatto represented the EU in the opening session of the "International Women Leaders Summit", held in Karachi on 10 February.

Los Jefes de Misión de la UE han expresado su opinión sobre la situación de la comunidad LGBTI y los derechos humanos en Honduras.

"The murder of a large number of residents of al-Baghdadi town in western Iraq, who are reported to have been burned alive, is further evidence of the denial by Da'esh's of human life and dignity.

Our thoughts go to the families of the victims of this act of terrorism.


L'exécution d'un grand nombre de résidents de la ville d'Al-Baghdadi dans l'ouest de l'Iraq, qui auraient été brûlés vifs, illustre une fois de plus le mépris de Daech pour la vie et la dignité humaines.

Nos pensées vont aux familles des victimes de cet acte de terrorisme.


Le 16 février 2016, M. Sergei Khmelevsky a été condamné à mort par le tribunal régional de Minsk. Le droit légal de M. Khmelevsky de faire appel doit être pleinement garanti.

M. Khmelevsky a été condamné pour un crime grave et nous présentons nos plus sincères condoléances à la famille et aux amis des victimes.


A death sentence was handed down on 16 February 2016 to Sergei Khmelevsky by a Minsk Regional Court. Mr. Khmelevsky's legal right to appeal should be fully guaranteed.

Mr. Khmelevsky was convicted of a serious crime and we extend our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of the victims.


It is with great sadness that I learnt about the death of former UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali.

An eminent Egyptian diplomat and jurist, Mr Boutros-Ghali made his mark internationally and at the United Nations, when he piloted the UN through challenging times after the end of the cold war.

The successful organisation of the presidential and parliamentary elections on 14 February in the Central African Republic, which took place peacefully throughout the country, shows once again the people's determination to take their future into their hands by democratic means. All the stakeholders and Central African institutions, and in particular the National Electoral Authority, did everything in their power to respond to the shortcomings that had led the Transitional Constitutional Court to cancel the first round of the parliamentary elections.