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On 15 April, the EU and Japan held consultations on security and defence by video conference. In particular, they discussed operational cooperation for maritime security, following joint naval exercises in the Gulf of Aden in October 2020 and in the Arabian Sea in February 2021, as well as a joint port call on Djibouti in October 2020.


Мы живем в мире фотографий, обмениваемся ими каждый день, публикуем их в соцсетях. Иногда мы пересылаем что-то, даже не задумываясь, реальное ли это фото или фейк. Любая фотография хранит информацию не только о камере, на которую она была сделана, но и даже о месте. Как анализировать фотографии? Что можно узнать о снимке и его авторе? Какие есть сервисы и способы проверить подлинность изображения или подписи к ним?


We live in the world of photographs, we exchange them every day, publish them on social networks. Sometimes we send a photo without even thinking whether it is a real one or a fake. Any photo stores information not only about the camera on which it was taken, but also about the place. How to analyze photos? What can you learn about the photo and its author? What are the services and ways to verify the authenticity of the image or a caption to it?


Près de 355,000 doses de vaccins contre la COVID-19, expédiées par l’intermédiaire du mécanisme COVAX sont arrivées le 14 avril 2021 à Niamey, au Niger. Cette livraison fait partie d'une première vague qui se poursuivra dans les semaines à venir. A terme, un total de 1.596.000 doses est attendu dans le pays.

The EU Ambassador to Guinea-Bissau, Sónia Neto, attended the vaccines hand-over ceremony at the airport

· Addis Ababa hosts EU-Africa Green Talk to highlight the vital role of Blue Economy for sustainable development and the Blueprint for Africa´s Blue Economy Strategy
· Dialogue between African and European leaders, civil society, policy experts and business representatives confirms importance of EU-AU partnership in promoting sustainable blue economy investment across Africa