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"I singoli stati non devono affrontare da soli la questione migranti. Per prima ho rafforzato i contatti con Paesi di transito e di origine, in particolare per affrontare le crisi politiche che, in particolare, condizionano le scelte dei richiedenti asilo".

Document framing debate on future of the European Neighbourhood Policy.


The international "Ebola: from emergency to recovery" brought together around 900 participants in Brussels on 3 March. The conference aimed to sustain international mobilisation and plan the next steps in the fight both against the current outbreak and the Ebola virus in general. The conference opened with a moments silence for the thousands victims of Ebola.

The resumption of talks among the Libyan parties later this week in Morocco will pave the way for a much needed political agreement on a Government of National Unity in Libya. As EU, and likewise the rest of the international community, we continue to support the efforts of the UN Secretary General's Special Representative, Bernardino León, with whom I am in constant contact.


La reprise des pourparlers entre les parties libyennes plus tard dans la semaine au Maroc ouvrira la voie à un accord politique sur un gouvernement d’unité nationale dont la Libye a tant besoin. En tant qu'Union européenne et comme le reste de la communauté internationale, nous continuons à soutenir les efforts déployés par M. Bernardino León, le représentant spécial du Secrétaire général des Nations unies, avec lequel je suis en contact permanent.