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Each year on 26 September, the European Day of Languages celebrates the linguistic diversity of a continent with over 200 European languages, 24 EU official languages and around 60 regional/minority languages. This sepcial day raises awareness of the wide variety of languages in Europe and promotes cultural and liguistic diversity. In Hong Kong we celebrate the EU Day of Languages on 25 September.

The business community in Ghana on 9 June 2016 gathered in Accra for the launch of a series of workshops to be held in different regions of the country to inform private sector business organisations on how to export to the European Union (EU).

This development-oriented agreement is the first of its kind with an African region pursuing regional economic integration.

L’Union européenne et six pays de la Communauté de développement de l’Afrique australe (SADC) ont signé un accord de partenariat économique (APE).

Intervista all'Alta rappresentate per gli Affari Esteri e la politica di Sicurezza dell'Unione dopo la presentazione del progetto della “Diplomazia culturale”