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L'Union européenne vise à contribuer à l'amélioration des conditions de vie des habitants de Djibouti ville en facilitant l'accès des ménages au réseau d'assainissement des déchets liquides et au réseau des traitements des déchets solides et en limitant les décharges illégales.

According to 2010 WHO data, around 49 per cent of maternal deaths are directly related to obstetric factors or to the management of complications, while indirect causes include several factors related to pre-existent health conditions which are aggravated by pregnancy. In the context of the high proportion of deliveries attended by qualified medical personnel, this suggests there is room for the further improvement in facility-based practices.

Nairobi, August 17, 2016: The Ministry of Devolution and Planning together with the European Union (EU) and National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) have today officially launched the Mbasya Water Project in Makinya Location, Kalawa Ward of Makueni County.