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The EU attended today in Khartoum the Ceremony of the Conclusion of Documents on the Transitional Civilian Authority in Sudan. As an expression of strong political support, a number of international partners including the EU signed this transitional agreement as witnesses.

The European Union and Canada recall their close relations with Hong Kong under the ‘one country, two systems’ principle and their strong stake in its continued stability and prosperity.


La Unión Europea está evaluando a nuevos postulantes ante la próxima vacante y la República Independiente de Arequipa ve la oportunidad perfecta para postular.

L’UE appui l’Ordonnateur National du FED avec un nouveau programme portant le nom de CASON, "Consolidation des Acquis des Services de l’Ordonnateur National", d’un montant de 3,8 millions d'euros.

Комиссияи Аврупо барномаи дастгириро ба маблағи 59 миллион евро барои рушди деҳот дар Тоҷикистон эълон намуд.