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Aproximadamente unas 22,307 personas en situación de riesgo, provenientes de barrios y comunidades de alta vulnerabilidad, incluyendo niños, niñas y adolescentes, jóvenes, mujeres víctimas de violencia, etnias indígenas y afro descendientes y personas con discapacidad serán beneficiadas por el nuevo proyecto “Niñas, niños, adolescentes, jóvenes y sus familias resilientes ante la emergencia sanitaria de Covid-19 en Nicaragua”.

Six months – from December 2019 to June 2020 - inside the life of the EU Training Mission to Mali under the command of Brigadier General Joao Ribeiro told in the form of a Comic book.

Read about the adventures of 700 men and women alongside more than 1200 students of the Malian Armed Forces. From their arrival in Bamako to dealing with unexpected situations such as the Coronavirus pandemic. This entertaining format provides a good insight into the daily life and work of a military EU Training Mission.


Interested private institutions or entities (i.e. companies, consultants, commercial banks, fund managers…) are invited to submit proposals for mini/off-grid renewable power generation projects.

A factsheet about the actions of the EU in Yemen


A factsheet about the actions of the EU in Yemen


The European Commission has today proposed to top up support for refugees and host communities in response to the Syria crisis by a total of €585 million. Out of the amount proposed today, €100 million will go to Jordan and Lebanon, who are hosting the largest number of refugees per capita in the world. €485 million will support refugees in Turkey in 2020 and continue the EU's two flagship humanitarian programmes.

En un artículo de opinión, publicado por varios periódicos españoles, Josep Borrell reflexiona sobre la propuesta de la Comisión Europea de un importante plan de recuperación para hacer frente a las consecuencias de la crisis del coronavirus.

The EU Delegation to Nepal, together with the EU Heads of Mission based in Kathmandu, deplore the tragic loss of life in the violent incident in Soti village of Chaurjahari Municipality, Rukum (Karnali Province) on 23 May 2020.

The European Union congratulates the new Kosovo government led by Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti and looks forward to our joint work to advance EU-Kosovo relations.

The coronavirus pandemic will remain a shared challenge for the foreseeable future and the EU will continue to stand by Kosovo and its people. We also want to see Kosovo advance on its European path. This will require determined reform efforts to strengthen the rule of law, in particular the fight against corruption and organised crime, and to promote socio-economic development.