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The project aims to support the national counterparts in their endeavours to reform the electoral reform and practice in line with applicable European and international standards through provision of advice on further legislative reform and its effective implementation.

The project aims to contribute to strengthening the democratic system in the Kyrgyz Republic through support to the electoral reform.

The project aims to improve justice and the rule of law, strengthening the capacity of institutions to deliver and the capacity of citizens and of the institutionalised civil society to claim their rights through modernising the legislative process (Component 1), improving the work of Judiciary (Component 2) and Prosecution (Component 3).

The project aims to strengthen the institutional capacities to prevent and fight corruption. Through the proposed actions the Council of Europe will tackle some of the key institutional, methodological and legislative weaknesses in the Kyrgyz Republic, thus aiding the country in making a concerted effort to strengthen its institutional capacities and improve the application of the international standards of rule of law.

Clarificatory Statement from the EU Delegation to the Philippines

The EU Delegation to the Philippines wishes to clarify that the European Union had no involvement whatsoever in the visit of the seven-member delegation of the "International Delegates of the Progressive Alliance" to the Philippines, which took place 8 – 9 October in Manila, and consisted of representatives from Sweden, Germany, Italy, Australia and the US. It included one German Member of the European Parliament.
It is therefore not correct to label the visit an "EU mission" and we kindly ask publications which have done so to rectify this mistake.

The project aims to support to reduction of unemployment, particularly amongst marginalised social groups such as those suffering from disabilities, and to create well-trained labour force capable to contribute to the socio-economic development of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The project aims to improve education attainment assessment enabling properly judge the quality of education management system with regard to the content and resources in use.